Infant Jesus Church

I heard about this church from some of my friends that people who are struggling with problems like not having children, family problems, or diseases will be definitely healed by the grace of god at Infant Jesus Church.  May be this is the reason why church has many devotees.


After hearing about the church I decided to visit this place.  Here main church contains a big hall with Jesus and mother Mary.  Here lot of people can sit and pray.  Next to this is the building containing Infant Jesus idol; if you go inside the Infant Jesus church and pray silently in front of the Jesus will definitely make you calm and quiet because when I sat here, I really felt the peace of mind.  This church can be located at Vivek Nagar – Bangalore; on old Airport road. 

How to reach:

By bus: Busses from majestic/market/Shivajinagar to Marathalli or busses that go through HAL airport road; stop at India Garage next to Lifestyle stop and catch an auto.  Go to Lifestyle and catch bus no – 201 that goes to Vivek Nagar.

By own vehicle: Vivek Nagar is near to Koramangala/Austin town/Lifestyle/Richmond Road/India Garage on old airport road.


Infant Jesus Church

Bazaar Street, Vivek Nagar

Bangalore – Karnataka

4 thoughts on “Infant Jesus Church”

  1. Yes. She is a miraculous Infant Jesus.
    Also try Our Lady of Health:
    Mobile Numbers :: 9443477554
    Postal Address :: Denkanikottai Road, Mathigri Village, Hosur 635110

  2. For more than 30 yrs now, Infant Jesus has continued to protect and bless our family and has been a constant source of hope for us.

  3. I m very happy in my life with the love n care. Thank u infant Jesus for blessing me with good husband who is so honest trust loving n caring. It’s been 9 years of married life very happy with ur blessings. Infant Jesus u r very special to me in my happy life. Thank u for blessing me. Love u so much.

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