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Sri Kabbalamma Temple is situated in a village called Kabbalu in Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagara district, Karnataka.  TV9 has broadcasted the story of this temple in its “Heegu Unte” program.  Since then a lot of people outside the nearby villages came to know about this temple.   It is said that several people got blessed by the goddess and became devotees of the mother.  In the above picture along with the mother goddess we can also see the picture of a bull (Basaveshwara) decorated with flowers and clothing.  This bull is said to be staying in the temple premises for many years and has played a role of blessing the devotees.   Devotees who pledged to offer something in the form of Harake to this bull need to sleep on the floor and the bull will slowly walk over them.  This is a type of custom followed in this temple and it does not harm anybody.  Even the small kids are laid down in front of this bull for his blessings (it is believed to be those children are born by the blessings of the goddess).

Kabbalamma Temple Kabbalamma Temple - Kabbalu

This temple can be reached from Bangalore via Kanakapura or Ramanagara / Channapattana.  It is around 70 – 75 km away from Bangalore.  Road to this temple passes through many villages and on the way we can see many rocky hills.  Kabbalu Durga may be one of these rocky hills which is a trekking destination.  I guess the big hill with sturdy rocks which can be seen behind the temple in the above picture is the Kabbalu Durga but not sure.

Basava of Kabbalamma Kabbalamma and Basava

Near the Kabbalamma temple there is a small shrine dedicated to Basaveshwara (Bull – the vehicle of Lord Shiva).  The miraculous Bull is carrying a bundle of currency notes on its horns.  This money is offered to Basava as the devotees’ wishes got fulfilled.  This temple is planning to build a new temple and also, the plan for the same is displayed in the temple premises.  If anybody wish to donate the money for the brand new building can contact the temple authorities.

Sri Kabbalamma Temple Renovation Committee
Phone: 080-2319000

Tahsidar, Kanakapura Taluk
Phone – 080-27522442
Mobile – 98802 98990

Basaveshwara swamy - kabbalamma temple

Way to Kabbalu

How to reach:

By bus:  Reach Kanakapura / Ramnagara / Channapattana – get a bus to Sathnur.  Kabbalu village is near Sathnur.  There are plenty of busses to Sathnur from Kanakapura.  Sathnur is on the way to Malavalli / Kollegal from Bangalore.  But it is better to reach Kanakapura as soon as possible in the morning (at least before 10:00 a.m.).  Then catch a bus to Sathnur or Kabbalu.  There is some direct busses from Kanakapura to Kabbalu (As told by villagers – Morning 9, and then 3 & 7 in the afternoon)

By own vehicle:  Via Kanakapura:  Distance 72 km.  From Banashankari – Bangalore directly go to Kanakapura (52 km).  From Kanakapura take the road which goes to Kollegal / Malavalli and near the board in the above picture (that is around 7 km from Kanakapura) take right, then reach Channapattana – Sathnur road and take left.

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    1. Hey,

      From where you got this link. Its a very good website. I went through it. It provides loads of information about Indian temples. Thanks for the info.

  1. Yes, I Echo all of your mails………..Kaballamma Devi is very powerful goddess. pls pray the godess in clear heart it will full fill your dream for 110%.

  2. kabbalamma god is very powerful god, once we believe her she never forgot us and every moment she solve our all problems

  3. sree thayee kabbalamma is most powerful and strongest god from whom today i have became a zilla panchayth member in the small age of 25 years all from her grace only and i have come over all problems bcz i have great belive in her powers iam thank full to tv9 bcz of them i saw her and i went there and i am happy now thanks to tv 9
    vasanth goud patil s/o late B.rudra goud ZP SIRIGERI

  4. kabbblamma devi is famaous in the wordl .she slove all problems .please belevi her .om namaha kabballa mma

  5. The hilly mountain behind is kabbaldurga ……actaully it was Bheemadurga once a upon a time…but When Kabbalamma came from Tamilnadu she went up the hill in just three steps and defeated Bheema in Dice Game and took away the hill and named it as Kari Durgi Kabbali Betta

  6. any body wanna know the story behind kabbalamma? who she is? from where she came?
    leave a post will post the story

  7. yes..i wanna know abt the story of this great god…i hve been there twice but i don know the story…it was my mom’s frnd hu told ud abt the miraculous temple…plz provide me some information about the temple…

  8. Om kabbalammaiah namaha, kabbalam is a very strong god and i love that god like anything… Bless every one my lord…

  9. I had been to this temple yesterday it is not so far from bangalore , if travel by own vichile it will hardy take 2 hrs from banashankari. Please visit this temple if your are free because we waste so much time for unwanted things lets spend small amount of time for our creator .
    Always do good things kabalama grace will always shower on u. Jai Kabalamma thai!

  10. nana hesaru shiva nanu thaiyanu nambidhene nanu sanidege hoge harake hotukondu bera 3 denake nana maduve agide nama maneya thondare galenela nimbahesuthare OM SRI KABALAMMA DEVI

  11. no am not blessed by kabbalamma as she is my home diety she nevered blessed my family i worshipped her a lot but she cheated me in all the areas of my lkife and made suffered a lot like all only i told her about to many but she didnt blessed her own child i visit the temple since from my chilhood but she didnt i vowed her i asked her i begged her but she never heard my cry she never thought about me and my situation am helpless since to fullfill my small small dreams in every day she is making like this i cant live here am asking plz do miracle in my life plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i love you but why are are you not showing me your care am depreessed ma plz do something

  12. Devandra K & Rudramurthy H V

    I Heartly belive the goddes Kabbalamma will bless me & our family throught out my grouth in our carrier.

  13. Om kabbalammaya namaha
    Om Kabbalammaya namaha
    Om Kabbalammaya namaha
    Om Kabbalammaya namaha
    Om Kabbalammaya namaha
    Om Kabbalammaya namaha
    Om Kabbalammaya namaha
    Om Kabbalammaya namaha
    Om Kabbalamamaya namaha
    Om Kabbalammaya namaha
    Om Kabbalammaya namaha
    Om Kabbalammaya namaha
    Om Kabbalammaya namaha

    amma bless my sister with that proposal taayi.. we all beleived u only now. they also liked our family very much and we also liked that family very much. boy and girl both liked each other a lot.. now we are all waiting for your blessings amma.. amma do u remember us ma.. we all came to u when my father was there.. he always used to like u .. amma pl bless this proposal and shower ur blessings on us and make us true devotees of you taayi.. how we go to our home diety from now on we family will become true devotees of u and we will be coming to your temple now and then taayi.. kaapadu taayi… Jai Kabbalamma devi… pl bless us taayi and bless both the family for this marriage to happen . now everyone is waiting for your blessings taayi.. bless us.. Jai Kabbalamma devi..

  14. bless our family..
    jagathjanani jaganmathe ellarannu kapaduva thayi kabbalu mathe kapadamma
    sarvakali mahamaye kabbalu mathe kapadamma
    om shri kabbalamma.

  15. Kabalamma temple is very good i went twice, last year when i went it was under renovation Goddess was covered with cloth, and we were able to see only Photo of Devi, i was very upset, i want to know renovation work complete? can we able see the devi…….

  16. sri kabbalamma god is very powerful nd d results occur within fraction f seconds aftr u offr yo prayers wid 100% devotion.. we had been to dis temple nd al ou prblms hav been solvd by kabbalammas grace.. Frm mysur we shud go in kanakapura road via bannur, malavalli, halagur nd sathanur.,frm sathanur its some 6kms to temple.. bless us thaayi

  17. Temples have healing powers and
    even modern science cannot answer
    the mysterious powers of nature. One
    of the prominent temples of kanakpura
    which fulfills all the
    devotee’s wishes is Sri kabbalamma temple present at
    kabbalu near Sathanur.. The temple
    is situated at a distance of 6
    kilometers from sathanur nd one can get
    sharing autorickshaw to reach this
    place. The place kabbalu is
    also called as kabbaludurga…. The devotees come to the temple
    from far away places. The problems
    like education, delays in marriage, theft or
    any sort of disease will be solved at
    this place. Even couples who are not
    blessed with children have also got
    children after visiting this place. The
    remedy to all the problems is simple by dis goddess’s grace..

    Amma has solved a long standing problem and now i am offering her a silver mesay, also in future i believe her…………….Purushotham….Vijayanagar



  21. Plz belive kabbalamma amma , magic will happen in your life , miracles will happen in front of your own eyes , impossible will b possible from my amma kabbalamma , am very great ful to her from every breath of mine for the blessings she has given me -) om kabbalamma aiah namaha

  22. Sri Kabbalamma
    nannolage sadaa usiradutiruva hesaru, avalillada, avala neneyada dinave illa, bari bhakti bittu berenu bayasada, maha shaktivante. kasta- kotale galinda nalugutiruvavaru kabbalamma na darshana maadi, kastagalu karagi hoguttave,idakke namma vamshave shakshi.
    nanna manada-maneya devarvalu.

  23. Kabballama 🙂 The name itself gives immense pleasure to hear ….Trust her and get yourself immersed in her to experience the absolute divinity 🙂 Lover her a lot………………

  24. Sri kabbalamma god is very power full really my mother was suffering from last one year onwards ,every day my mother was cried so many times , we shown so many hospitals i did’t get any result i am also crying along with my mothers , i got idea i know about this god my friend said Kabbalamma is powerfull i prayed my self and i had amma bandaru with me i given to my mother to mix with water that pain is ran away so i am believing Kabbalamma is faverete god

  25. Pooje prarthane yenallu nambike erada nanage…devathegalu eddare..namma prarthane keluttare…adbutha vada pavaada kooda maduthare yemba apaara nambike bandiddu namma thayi kabbalammana endale…love u ma…

  26. I stay in a different state of karnataka put heared about amma can anyone tell me can I take a printout of ammas photo and keep in my gods room so I can pray to her .
    I am facing lot of problems since my marriage and lot of pains in my life

  27. “”””””SRI Kabbalamma mantra””””””
    *****Om Namo Kabbali Jaghadamba Jaya Kali Jaya Ho Maha Kali Namasthuthe Namo Namaha*****
    @@@@@Kabbalamma Namma Ella kastagalannu tirisuttale@@@@@@
    ^^^ Jai Kabbalamma ^^^

  28. Sri. Kabbalamma is “GODESS” of Mother India,

    Geologists says that the Kabbal Durga (One Kilo meter hight Single Granite Rock) is the first rock formation on our planet Earth

    New Delhi Metro Station, Bangalore Metro Station and many Indian Metro Stations are constructed by using Rock Granite bought form this place to beautify the Metro Station Floors

    From this Kabbal and Bapujinagar (Colony) Granite Rock is exported to Japan and Japan is using this Granite Rock to construct Japanese Bullet Train Stations and Japanese are using this Granite Rocks to construct Earth quick proof multi story buildings as well as using for sea shore construction projects but Japanese are paying very less price for the local people, for 20 feet X 6 feet one piece rock paying only Rs.3000 to Rs.8000 maximum but for the same one piece of Rock in Japan people charge Rs.18 Lakhs to Rs.25 Lakhs, since 1980 to 2016 exported more than 250 Lakh Crores rupees rocks from this Bapauji Nagar & Kabbal village area but these 2 villages are not able to get proper drinking water, sanitation, hospital, primary school etc. services for their children

    My father born in this Kabbal Village now settled in New Delhi as a north Indian and running cloths exporting business, every year visiting Japan, USA, Australia and many European countries so we know the facts about our Mother Godess Kabbalamma and Kabbal Granite Rocks value but our corrupt political system has destroyed this Kabbal, Sathanur and Kanakapura village area

    Every year on Mahashivarathri Festival Day we all family members visiting our Mother Godess “Kabbalamma” Temple

    Jai Singh Rana
    Vasant Vihar
    New Delhi – 110057

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