Annual Celebrations @ Pratyangira Temple

Pratyangira-DecoratedAnnual Celebration of the “Pratyangira Yogeshwari Bhagavati Temple” was held on Saturday and Sunday (22nd and 23rd January 2011).  Festive activities were started on Saturday morning with special worship of the goddess.  Temple was elegantly decorated with flowers and oil lamps were burning in front of every deity in the temple as well as in the “Deepastambha”.  Temple was looking beautiful and lot of people were gathered to get the blessings of the goddess “Pratyangira Bhagavati”.

Pratyangira Temple - During FestivalThe deities worshipped at this temple are Pratyangira Bhagavati, Kuttichathan, Agoramoorthy, Naga Kali, Smashan Kali, and Gulikan.  Brahmarakshas is also worshipped at this temple as kshetrapala.  During the annual celebration of this temple, “Kola” and “Thira/Theyyam” are played as part of the festival.

Pratyangira-Other Deities-DecoratedAs the festival starts in the evening a ritual called “Kola or Vellattam” is performed and musical instruments called “Chande” are played.  According to Hindu mythology “Chande” is a musical instrument that is used to declare the war and various gods very much like this instrument.  During “Kola”, a person is dressed colorfully particular to one god and starts dancing.  It is believed that god will enter into the person’s body during “Vellattam” and god himself will be dancing.  This continuous whole night until the next day morning.  End of the festival, a pooja called “Guruthi pooja” is performed and during which sacrifice of animals is done (sheep and cock).

Glowing Temple in the EveningLot of people from nearby villages and town as well as devotees from places such as Mysore and Bangalore also visit this celebration and get the blessings of the goddess.  Since this temple is situated around 20 KM away from Mysore in a village area during the night time it looks beautiful.  End of this celebration prasadam is distributed to all devotees.

People Playing - Chande

Below is the picture of the temple in the night.

Pratyangira Temple in Night

Contact Address:

Sri Yogavidananda

Pratyangira Yogeshwari Bhagavati Temple

Shettinayakanahalli, Beerihundi Post

Gaddige Road, Mysore – 26

Phone: 9880546818 – 9342123976

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  1. Respected Parwathi Hegde,

    I just saw your beautiful photos and brief description of Pratyangira Yogeshwari Bhagavati Temple at mysore. Will you do me a favour? I want to go to the temple. I stay at kolkata, west-bengal. How I will go there?

    With regards,
    Abhijit Mukherjee// 11.07.11

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