Shri Siddivinayaka Temple, Chandaguli (Ghante Ganesha)

Gante Ganesha

Have you seen anybody in this world without problems? One might be having lot of money but suffering from some kind of “health issue”, other might be feeling sad because of “no children”.  So, what the people do for these things? They visit doctor for health checkups, go to advocates for court cases (disputes). Yes, sometimes we get relief from these solutions. Let us assume that after trying all available solutions we are still facing the same problem, then what next? We will definitely go to some temple and pray god or simply continue suffering. According to Hindu scriptures in “Kali Yuga” Lord Ganesha and Devi (female aspect of God) are the deities who quickly respond to the prayers of the mankind.

Gante Ganesha Temple - YellapurIn Karnataka, India there is a temple of Lord Ganesha called as Shri Siddivinayaka Temple.  This temple is situated at a place called as Chandaguli around 18 km from a city Yellapur, surrounded by paddy fields, Areca nut and coconut plantations  amidst of lush green jungle. This temple is also identified with another name “Ghante Ganesha Temple”.  Ghante means “bell” in the local language Kannada. By offering Ghante (bell) to the lord Ganesha lot of people got rid of health problems, court cases, got children, many things happened miraculously.  That is the reason why we can see lot of bells hanging around the temple.Gante Ganesha - Bells1In many temples there is a practice called “prashna” which is used to ask the god directly regarding the problems the devotee is suffering from. This way the thing which needs to be offered to the god is found out and devotees just need to pray the god. After which they can return home. Once the problems are over the devotee needs to visit the temple again and offer the “article or Seva” as prayed to the god earlier.Gante Ganesha - Bells2Some of the sevas which are offered to the lord are as follows:

  1. Ganapathi Homam / Silver cradle (Tottilu) and gold child (Shishu) for not having children
  2. Offer “Bell” for not able to pronounce the words (Vaagdosha) properly (Ghante Harake)
  3. Ganapathi Havan / Modaka Havan / Modaka Archane / Laaja Homam for not getting job
  4. Vivahaprada Bala Ganapathi Homam / Vinayaka Shanthi / Offering “Bell (Ghante)” / Performing Laaja Homam for not getting married
  5. For any kind of illness – Tulabhara (coconut, rice, jaggery, etc) and offering “Bell (Ghante)”

Siddivinayak Temple - Gante Ganesha


Shri Siddivinayaka Temple

At: Chandaguli   Po: Chandaguli  Ta: Yellapur

Di: Uttara Kannada  State: Karnataka (India)

Phone: 08419 – 238395 / 290220  Mobile: 9482115491 / 9482185625

How to reach:

Yellapur is situated on Hubli – Karwar highway. This can be reached either from Hubli going towards Karwar (about 70 km from Hubli) or Kumta – Sirsi – Yellapur

After reaching the Yellapur, need to take the road to Magod. From there another 2 km.  There are lot of KSRTC busses from Yellapur to Magod and then need to walk around 2 KM from Magod to Chandaguli.

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    1. Banashankari Temple at Bangalore is 8 Kms from south of Bangalore City- Kanakapura Road, adjesent ot Jayanagar 8th Block Main Bus station (Banashankari).

  1. Dear Parvati, I came across your posts relating to Pratyangira Yogeswari Temple near Mysore. I would like to more about the place and Swamiji. I am in search for a guru in Kaula Sampradaya. Please let me know of your opinion about the temple and Swamiji.., either through this site or via email. Please do me a favour.

  2. I just visited the temple and was amazed by the sight and the location, it’s a 800. Years old temple and wonderful, people come back and tie a bell along side the temple on completion of the wish.


  3. i have visited the temple several times and like the place a lot. i have great faith and belief and know that whatsoever u wish and desire will be fulfilled by the grace of lord Ganesha.

  4. Recently visited the temple and I loved the place where the temple is situated , the poojari’s here are so money minded and corrupted because of this you might start hating ganesha…………

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