Sri Shanimahathma Temple – Chikka Madhure

Shani Mantra:  Suryaputhro Deerghadeho Vishaalaakshaha Shivapriyaha| Mandachaaraha Prasannathma Peedam Harathu Me Shanihi||

Chikka madhure shanimahatma temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shani Deva.  Temple is located at a place called “Chikka Madhure”14 km away from “Nelamangala” on Nelamangala to Doddaballapur Road.  Shani is one of the nine (Navagraha) planets according to the Hindu Astrological system.  On Saturday, Shani is offered special poojas to get rid of the bad effects of “Sade sathi / Ashtama Shani / Panchama Shani”. 

Chikka madhure shanimahatma temple

In the temple premises we can see lot of people offering “Ellu Batti” to the fireplace right in front of the temple.  Ellu Batti is a kannada (local language of Karnataka) word that means black sesame seeds are put into small pieces of cloth and are tied with black thread and this is dipped in Gingelly oil (Sesame oil).

Chariot_Chikka madhure shanimahatma temple

Above is the picture of Chariot used during Annual Celebrations.

Wayto_Chikka madhure shanimahatma temple

How to reach:

By own vehicle:  Reach Nelamangala which is on the Bangalore – Pune highway around 30 Km from Bangalore.  Get into Nelamangala town and then take the Doddaballapur road.  On Bangalore – Pune highway take right, then take right in both the circles on the way (In Nelamangala town – one near the police station and then other circle near a tree).  Then cross a railway gate and travel 14 km to reach Chikka Madhure Shanimahatma temple.

By Bus:  From Bangalore take bus to Nelamangala.  There are lot of busses from Nelamangala (both K.S.R.T.C and Private busses) to Doddaballapur via Madhure.

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  1. one should must go to this temple to have great blessing from the great of the great god
    “Shri Shanimaharaj”

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