Thira – Sacred dance of God – Part II

Bhagavati Thira I mentioned in my last post that “Thira” is the furious form of God and hence this performance is done after midnight.  Dressing and make-up of this is little fearsome.  Above is the photograph of “Bhagavati Thira”.

Kuttichathan ThiraAbove is the picture of Kuttichathan.  Kuttichathan Thira is more interesting because while dressing him up only people around him will start singing legend of Kuttichathan.  At this point in time, god himself will get into his body and he starts blessing each one of the devotees.  I could not understand completely the legend behind Kuttichathan as they were singing in Malayalam but this was awesome.Gulikan Thira - 2Gulikan Thira was dressed very simple with coconut tree leaves when it was started but in the middle of the “Thira” there is a custom of putting a face mask which was designed as the face of a devil.  This was actually depicting the furious face of Gulikan as shown in the above picture.  He has to carry a long head dress made of bamboo splicing decorated with clothes and flowers.  This is very much difficult to balance as it is very long as much as more than 50 feet.  This Thira also ends with blessing the devotees, answering queries, and providing solutions.

Naga Kaali Thira - 3Naga Kali Thira was very much attractive with aggressive form of dance and also the way it was dressed.  Facial expression was also scary, at times used to roll the eyes and protruding tongue.  During the festival Swamiji was also used to get into trance and dance with the artists performing Theyyam.  During this period he will hold “Ayudham” and starts dancing.  At times, he was also hitting his head with the “Ayudham” and blood used come out like a fountain.

Swamiji in Trance After the Thira/Theyyam performance, a pooja called “Guruthi Pooja” was performed.  At the end of the this pooja sacrifice of sheep or goat and cock are done.  After all the pooja/Theyyam was done devotees were fed with prasadam and the whole festival was joyously ended.

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3 thoughts on “Thira – Sacred dance of God – Part II”

    1. Hi,
      Itis very interesting the temple folk art perforance at Malabar(Kerala) I ama resident of the Malabar area kozhikode,fortunately this year in ma 40th age I discoverd the art at its full length and mood. This year I spend the whole day and night at the temple. The theyyam, thira, velaat, theyatt, gulikan thira, guruthi etcare of great value, than even greek theatre, the gulikan thira as a critic i watched have lots of historical factorsincluding para devata(British rule, theirdominos, dependants, kingdom and their strong hold etc) and atlast guruthi is a devotion and pooja o the empire) the green dress of coconut leaves if u watched resembles british clothingand the 4 5 metres of coconut leave made throne resembles british throne over continents. Recieving her and welcoming and offering of fruits vegetable cocks blood and Local drink(charayam) her throne siting of thiyyas and nayers efore her many many dramatic scens.At last she will make some carbon mixture of oi and cock then whole the family men diptheir hands in this INK and put it onthe walls of the temple under her own seal fantastic . If you are interested to earn more please once more to calicut or kannur districts (Malabar)

  1. Hi Najeeb,

    This folk performance is more related to Gods / Goddesses and moreover it is believed to be the God himself being present inside the body of the performer. I don’t think that it has any relation to the “British” rule as it might be originated much more earlier to their ruling.

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